Bdjobs Bangladesh Biggest jobs circular site in BD is the biggest bdjobs circular website in Bangladesh. Most of the jobs seekers in Bangladesh search their jobs on this site.  Every day a lot of jobs circular being published on this site for jobless people. Government and non-government jobs – all kind of jobs circular can be found here. More than 70 categories and up to 5 thousand jobs are here. Bank employee to account officer jobs, junior to senior officer jobs, caretaker to housekeeper jobs are here. More than 1500 companies regularly publish their jobs requirement in this website to hire the people. total company and jobs

It is mentionable that as on today, more than 10,000 employers in the country have recruited more than 3, 50,000 professionals through service which should be considered the great success of the site.

We are here to help you to show how to search jobs easily in the jobs. In this website you may also find a lot of jobs circular too. How many thing you get from here we will show you on the below. A job seeker can be user friendly with Bdjobs Bangladesh following below steps which will help him to get the job easily. Therefore, learn it very carefully and follow our instruction below: Our website is now showing easy way.

  • What is
  • How to Create an Account on
  • Create Account for Job Seekers in
  • How to complete bio-data on
  • Create Account for Employer in bd jobs com.
  • How many jobs categories in this bdjobs Bangladesh biggest jobs circular site?
  • How many companies advertising jobs for employed?
  • How to find the right jobs in bdjobs Bangladesh Biggest jobs circular site?

What is Ltd. is the first and l the biggest jobs circular website in Bangladesh. Considering needs of job seeker and employers, Bdjobs started its venture in 2000 backed by the very young young business and IT professional who have the clear understanding of the needs of job seekers and employers. Over the last seventeen years, employer and employee kept a strong trust in this site.

Therefore, all leading employer in the country search the job seeker through this site. On the other hand, most of the jobless people or jobs seeker also always visit this website to find their expected jobs notice.

Hundreds of companies advertise their jobs circular in this website. So, you can also find your right jobs in this targets to earn maximum benefits of the Internet. Their service will help the job seekers to manage their career more professionally along with confidence. This site will also support employers to resolve the difficulties related to the traditional hiring methods. On top of that, this site will help them to save time and money.

From the beginning of its starting, the site has been capable to attract the jobs seekers as well as employer in the country.

In regular basis, publishes more than 2500 jobs in a day. This site keeps the facilities for   job seekers for posting resume and online application. The site has created a facility to give response from a large number of organizations in the country who are used to online job advertisement facility, online CV bank access and online application receiving and processing facility of

Create account on bdjobs Bangladesh biggest jobs circular site?

It is very import for both Jobs Seekers & employer to create account in the website to get maximum benefit in a fastest and easiest ways. There are two types of accounts options to create- one is for Jobs Seekers and other is for Employers.

To create an account, first of all you need to go to bd website .If you are a jobs seeker then select Jobs Seeker option. If you are looking for right employee for your industry, then select the employer’s option to create an account.

At first, see how to create an account for a jobs seekers in bd, Bangladesh biggest jobs circular. account create

Select the create account option and select which account you want to create. At first, select the red mark area where wrote: “Create account”.

Now you will see the both options as below: one is JOB SEEKERS and other is account create

How to Create Job Seekers Account  in personal info

After selecting “create an account “for Job Seekers, you will see as below type of page for creating an account. Now you have to fill-in the blank box. You will need to fill in the gap with your first and last name.

After that, you need to insert your gender, mobile number an email, select category username, and password. There are two options: one is Functional and second is Special Skilled. Choice the one you have and then select your category which one for you.

Please see categories and then select one which is suitable for you. Watch the below very carefully and follow us to create an account in

BD jobs us and pass

This is an example for you to create an account easily in Follow the red mark area carefully and write the username or password on a notebook.

Because, without username or password, you can never be able to log in on your bdjobs account. So keep record your bdjobs account username or password in notebook or MS Excel sheet so that youcan easily find the username or password if you forget. After selecting the two unmark box of the below and click on “Create Account”. Remember one thing if your username isn’t valid then create a new unique username only for you. Without a unique username name the account can never be created. email verify

After all the completion, you will have an email from Bdjobs site to confirm your bdjobs account. Go to your email and confirm your bdjobs account and select “Go” option. Here you have created an account in as below.

bd jobs email verification

Now you are ready to sign in or search your jobs in the using your Username and password.

How to complete bio-data on

This is the main part of before applying for any jobs for jobs seekers. After confirming your Gmail, you have done to complete bdjobs account. Now it’s time to personalize your account by complete fill-up the information they want here.

bdjobs bio data

First of all, select the red mark area “Edit Resume” and then select other option on the sheet. First, you will notice Personal option and fill all the personal information you want to edit and Save it. Complete one by one option on this below like this.

bdjobs cv

Fill the box with your father’s name, Mother’s name, date of birth, Gender, Religion, Marital Status, Present address, Permanent address, the current location of jobs, mobile no1, mobile no2, mobile no3, Nationality, NID number and Alternative Email address if you have.

Here is an example with all information you need to complete bio-data on

Name: Md. Rakibul Islam

Father’s Name: Md. Shahidul Islam

Mother’s Name: Md. Rajana Begum

Date of Birth: 31 March 1996

Gender: Male

Marital Status: Unmarried

Nationality: Bangladeshi

National Id No: 1996**********

Religion: Islam

Present Address: 32/a uttara, Dhaka-1205.

Permanent Address: Tangail Sadar.

Current Location: Inside Bangladesh

Mobile No 1:017********

Mobile No 2: 016********

Mobile No 3: 018*******


Alternate Email: If you have?

Create Account for Employer in bd jobs com

To create an account, first of all, you need to go to bd website. If you are an employer seeking your right employee, then select Jobs Seeker option. If you are looking for the right employee for your industry, then select the employer’s option to create an account.

At first, see how to create an account for a jobs seekers in bd, Bangladesh biggest jobs circular. employer account

Select the create account option and select which account you want to create. At first, select the red mark area where wrote: “Create account”.

Now you will see the both options as below: one is JOB SEEKERS and other is EMPLOYERS. account

Select the create account option and select the EMPLOYERS option.  At first, click the red mark area where wrote: “Create account”. employeer

Fill-up the blank area in the box above shows. At first, type username, create the password, confirm password and then complete other boxes. The Second box is your company details. Type your company name, alternative company name if you have? Contact person, contact person’s Designation, contact person mobile number, contact person Email. Remember do not use one email more than 1 time in bd industry

On the fourth picture in this part, type your Industry. Which type of Industry you have? There are many industry types in the category and select the one option you have. After selecting, give them some description on your industry on the blank box. primary contact

In picture number five, you have to fill up with primary contact details of your company. Please insert your information like company address, country, city, area contact phone number, Email address etc. After completing this all type the keyword which is down on left side corner. Type the same word on the box.

prising policy

After inserting all the information of your company, contact person number, and others information then click to Continue. If you create employers account, then you should pay for this on

Jobs categories in Bangladesh biggest jobs circular site

Almost every category of the jobs in Bangladesh is listed in the website. Initially, there are two categories based on industrial and functional category. Besides these, you may also select Special Skilled jobs category. Considering your eligibility and needs, you can choose the category listed in below.

jobs catagory in

On Functional Category, you have 30 categories seems like Accounting and Finance, Bank/ Non-Bank Fin. Institution, Commercial/ Supply chain, Education/ Training, Engineer/ Architects, Garments/ Textile, HR/ Org. Development, Design/ Creative, Production/ Operation to Law/ Legal and others.

And other category is Industrial .There arealso 30 categories seems like Agro based industry, Archi/ Engg/ Construction, Automobile/ Industrial/ Machine, Bank/ Non-Bank/ Education, Pharmaceuticals, Hospital/ Diagnostic center, Airline/ Travel/ Tourism, Hotel/ Restaurant, Information Technology (IT)/ Logistics, Media/ Advertising/ Event Management, NGO/ Development, Wholesale/ Retail/ Export-Import, Telecommunication and etc.

GOVT. JOBS Category in

Besides industrial and functional categories, you may find also GOVT JOBS category. Govt. jobs category is the most desired category for jobs seekers as this category is considered as a top choice of jobs seeking people.

When people browse, they always look for govt. Jobs if they can match.

Therefore, always keep updating their govt. jobs category with the latest govt. jobs.

You can find all govt. jobs to click on VIEW ALL. You can find all govt. jobs category via the quick link.

govt jobs in Special skilled jobs category

This is the last part of the category in bd Special Skilled Jobs from There is 22+ category for jobs seems like Data Entry/ Computer Operator, Mechanical/ Technician, Nurse, Electrician/ Electronics, Sheaf/ Cooker, Housekeepers, Graphics Designer, Security Guard,  CAD Operator and others.

When you need a job from the skilled jobs category. You have to select a category in your skilled. It automatically opens a page for those categories industry who advertise for the employee.

Special Skilled jobs

How many companies advertising on for employed? total company and jobs

On this part, we will introduce you how many companies advertise in Recently more than 1757 companies have advertised for the employee in Bangladesh biggest jobs site. This is the biggest online jobs sector in Bangladesh. Most of the companies like Pran RFL, Walton, Basundhara, All private banks, corporate business entity and multi-national company and Govt. jobs being published in

How to find the right jobs in Bangladesh Biggest jobs circular site?

Find jobs in

Find the right jobs in Maybe you should see all the categories of bd jobs as like functional, Industrial, Gov and Special skilled jobs. The Jobs seekers come here to inquiring the right jobs of he/ she has. Only give that opportunities to find the right jobs anywhere in Bangladesh for jobs seekers.

Searching is the best way for jobs seekers to find the right in Insert the keyword on the search box and find the right jobs. Which department from you and what’s are you searching. There have too many categories in seems like Bank, IT/ Telecommunication, Accounting/ Finance, NGO/ Development etc. By inserting the right keyword of the category you have to select the Organization type. It’s a Government or Semi Government, NGO, Private firm/ Company other jobs. Then searching your jobs from Bangladesh biggest jobs circular site.

Bdjobs Workshop Training & Certificate course:

To get the better and right jobs, unemployed or who want to better jobs need to get training to improved skilled. Educated people are not skilled people always. Most of the jobs recruiting company require skill people along with educated people. Skilled and trained people always remain one step ahead than any other people.

Training is teaching or developing on any skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies. Training has specific goals of improving your capability, capacity, productivity, and performance.

Therefore, started the workshop training and certificate course for the learners and the jobs seekers. Those people who have no knowledge about the jobs market, need the training to be skilled for the better career. has a wide range of relevant workshop training course for jobs seekers in this competitive job market. Getting relevant training to develop yourself as a sharp professional to stand out in this competitive jobs market. More than 100 of trainers trains to learner up to 150 courses in traning

At first, sign in your account and then select the Training option. Bdjobs have four type of courses for learner and jobs seekers like weekend courses, Certificate courses, Customized Courses, and Online courses. workshop

Now browse your relevant courses and insert all the information of your workshop program. And then submit it and choose a course on the below you want.

Bdjobs Career Counselling:

In Bangladesh people always suffer to select their ultimate career goal and They don’t know how to make their career plan, which career will be best for them.

Career concern people have always a lot of career-related questions but they suffer from the right answer from the right person.

Keeping above points in mind, started Career Counselling department. They have required resource person to counsel the career concern people.

. For any improvement of your career, please be always keep your eyes on career counseling option.

bdjobs career councelling

Select a category from the category option and find the question on the below you are searching. Bdjobs and I help you all time to make a better career in this jobs market. We will give you career counseling like Md. counselling Video Guide

Here is the ending part about Bdjobs video guide will help the jobs seekers and newcomer. If you don’t understand any things about what we have said, Video Guide will clear your concept from here. video guide

Hope you will be able to learn all the thing you need from here. If you don’t understand any things about then check the video guide under the website. Thank you for being with us and read this article. overviews is most popular Bangladeshi website. Some people don’t know how to create an account in It will helps people create and mange account.